Elaine Morgan

M.A.(Oxon.), FLS, FRSL, OBE

The Aquatic

Ape Theory

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Born in 1920 in Pontypridd, South Wales, where her father worked in the pit. Won an  Exhibition to  Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, took a degree in English, and taught for three years in the Workers’ Educational Association.


Married 1945. Three sons.


Between 1955 and 1988 wrote for television, gaining eleven awards including two BAFTAs and a Writer of the Year award. Three dramatised documentaries were about scientists:  Gregor Mendel, Alfred Russell Wallace, and Marie Curie.


Her first book, The Descent of Woman, was a best seller and Book of the Month choice in  America in 1972.  Since then she has devoted her attention increasingly to the subject of human origins.


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